Thursday, October 2, 2014

Previewing Windows 10

So yesterday I enrolled into the Preview program for Windows 10.
After downloading the ISO, used the latest version of Virtualbox (as I read some people having issues with older versions than 4.3.12), and it installed flawlessly.
Read more about the latest features here:

Every now and then the system will ask your opinion on a user experience, like after you watch a video in full screen.

Well, let's keep previewing.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Twitter and Pheed Accounts

This is my twitter account:

And I haven't really used this one, still waiting for this service to catch on, Pheed:

Gerardo Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

Now with Cyanogenmod 10.1.2

So I've been trying out a few ROMS on my Galaxy Nexus every now and then (AOKP is one of the best), and I couldn't say why but I had skipped Cyanogenmod all this time.

Well finally I got to flash it last Saturday, and I must admit that you have to believe the hype when you read that is one of the best all around ROMS I have ever tried, it feels fast, responsive, fluid, and it has many neat features:

I though by the time I installed all my previous apps it would be as good as my previous ROM, but surprisingly it still feels much more light on its feet, so don't hesitate giving it a try.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Sys Admin Day!

Maybe next year this important holiday will be observed at my office.

30 minutes left on the clock and then to start celebrating, cheers!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Treehouse Verification

Please check out my Treehouse Profile at

Treehouse verification. This site offers many cool online courses to get you up and running on web development, web design, mobile apps.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Gnome 3.4 Win Linux Users Back?

For a while I was a big fan of Ubuntu, which was also my first Debian based distro; it was also the beginning of my preference of Gnome over KDE. But then Unity came, and although I gave it a fair try (or a full weekend using it), I did not like it very much; I figured I would try Gnome 3 instead, but it just didn't click, so I gave LXDE and XFCE a try in the meantime.

Today I saw at ZDnet an article about Fedora 17 and one of its most awaited features, Gnome 3.4, which looks like it might be faster, won't require a 3D Video card to run properly (good news for VMs) and it will incorporate lots of new features, some of which it borrowed from Ubuntu.

I guess I could install the new Gnome on a Debian VM and give it a run right now, but I think I will wait a few more days (see the counter below) and get the new Fedora with Gnome 3.4 and run the Live CD; it will make for a good rainy day activity.