Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Gnome 3.4 Win Linux Users Back?

For a while I was a big fan of Ubuntu, which was also my first Debian based distro; it was also the beginning of my preference of Gnome over KDE. But then Unity came, and although I gave it a fair try (or a full weekend using it), I did not like it very much; I figured I would try Gnome 3 instead, but it just didn't click, so I gave LXDE and XFCE a try in the meantime.

Today I saw at ZDnet an article about Fedora 17 and one of its most awaited features, Gnome 3.4, which looks like it might be faster, won't require a 3D Video card to run properly (good news for VMs) and it will incorporate lots of new features, some of which it borrowed from Ubuntu.


I guess I could install the new Gnome on a Debian VM and give it a run right now, but I think I will wait a few more days (see the counter below) and get the new Fedora with Gnome 3.4 and run the Live CD; it will make for a good rainy day activity.

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